Living the Dream…wait…what?

I’ve come to believe that I have always been in debt. Ever since my magic plastic best friend came in the mail and made my 18-year-old retail dreams come true! Then came university and why bother saving when the government will GIVE you money to attend! You only have to spend the rest of your life paying them off of course…

This is how it began, my so-called “harmless” trips to the mall to pick up an outfit for a weekend of drinking and dancing uptown with my girlfriends. My purchasing of “essential” items from eBay. So here I am, 23 years old, and living in my parents basement…in debt.

I can’t complain too much, it’s not like I’m Harry Potter living in the cupboard under the stairs here. I have my bedroom, my bathroom, and a living room down here to call my own. It’s relatively cozy and the rent is cheap (a.k.a free…thanks Ma). However having 3 rooms to my name isn’t the same as having my own home (which is the long-term goal by the way). Ahhh…how I dream of the peace and quiet that will accompany such a dwelling…no more footsteps overhead…no more stomping up and down to the laundry room…no more yelling of “Supper!” down the stairs…wait…what?

I was never the friend who had the awesome full-time summer job that got them through with enough money to cover tuition and live off of for the school year. I worked part-time retail jobs year round and only really made enough to be getting by. Whatever I couldn’t afford could be slapped on my Visa until payday…until payday came and I had spent more than I made and I still had a phone bill to pay for…

Well here ends the heartache. In the next few days I will be crunching the numbers and getting down to making a plan to pay off my debt. I encourage and welcome and helpful tips or advice along the way!


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