Book Challenge

Soo.. this week’s budget has gone to shit already. Finishing up Christmas shopping and also having to replace Jerry’s windshield got in the way as well as forgetting to budget for gas (uhh..whoops..). So instead of posting my monumental fail of budget planning, I’ve decided to share something I’m really excited about! It’s a little thing that I like to call…THE GREAT BOOK CHALLENGE OF 2014!

I am a book hoarder. Need em’. Want ’em. Gotta have ’em. My books are wonderfully organized in an order that only I understand. I do however have a bookcase in my bedroom that I like to refer to as the “Books I Have Not Read Yet” book case. I’m challenging myself to read as many of these books as I can in 2014 instead of going out and buying a new book to read. I’ll create a separate page and list all of the book titles and cross them off as I go. Woohoo!



Snowflakes? Well…this is Canada, eh…


I’ve noticed the concept of “snowflaking” on a few different debt repayment/ personal finance blogs. For me this means any income you acquire that is not from your regular employer, no matter how small the amount. You then apply these little “snowflakes” to your debt. I have come up with a few different ideas of ways to earn additional income this month.

I am going to try selling my textbooks back to buy back websites. So far I have tried and in total they say they are willing to offer be $125 for a few of my books (total). This site advertises cheque or paypal deposit and free shipping. I decided to try this with one textbook first and see how it goes. So far I have discovered that they do not provide free shipping in Canada (damn!) I wonder if I were to drop this off at a FedEx depot in the states if it would work? I live relatively close to the border and go down a few times a year and could always arrange to have a few textbooks ready to go when I do. I’ll have to check into this! I decided to try it anyway and see how much the shipping costs me. So here we go with attempt #1…my Current Psychotherapies textbook is all wrapped in a box and shipping paper waiting for the provided label to be attached and sent. They say they will send me a $30 cheque for this book.

I have also listed a few dresses on a local Facebook group and I do have a $13 balance waiting for me on but I usually wait for $20 to cash those babies out.

Hopefully my little “snowflakes” help make a giant snow boulder!!

I get paid this Thursday and will be updating the budget/ debt repayment schedules shortly!

Current Debt 18/11/2013

Here it is broken down as of today:

Debt as of November 18, 2013

Student Loan- $1667.19

Visa- $5,513.68

Student Line of Credit- $9755.97

TOTAL: $16,936.84

I also have a car loan from my bank which I do not consider “bad” debt. I love my Jeep whom I affectionately call Jerry and at this time I do not consider it a goal to pay Jerry off faster.


Looks like I’ve been a little slack on the posts lately. I think it’s because with all of the Christmas shopping I’ve been doing my debt has been going up instead of down. All in all I have done pretty well though, I set a budget for each person and have stuck to it. The only person I haven’t finished my shopping for is my wonderful BF who won’t make up his damn mind about what he’d like! Ideally I will have my Christmas shopping paid for my mid December in time to put my Christmas Bonus on my student loan.

I’ve decided to focus my attention on paying off my National student loan first. The balance is the smallest and the interest is low but for the moment I see this as an attainable goal. I am going to try to find a way to add a debt repayment column to the blog homepage similar to the one on . I agree that it is smart to pay off the debt with the highest interest first, however I need a little motivation and I believe that knocking out one of my loans will motivate me to keep paying off those higher balances.

BF and I have also been talking a lot about the “future” so I have also opened a saving account for certain “future events” that may be quite costly. Really this account is one that my part-time job’s pay cheques are directly deposited into. So far since allocating my pay to the “future fund” I haven’t spent out of it at all. I have found that having a goal in mind has helped dramatically. “No! You don’t need that bagel from Timmy’s, you want a super awesome dress later!”.

I’m going to gather all of my debt totals together and make a separate post on my debt as it currently stands