Book Challenge

Soo.. this week’s budget has gone to shit already. Finishing up Christmas shopping and also having to replace Jerry’s windshield got in the way as well as forgetting to budget for gas (uhh..whoops..). So instead of posting my monumental fail of budget planning, I’ve decided to share something I’m really excited about! It’s a little thing that I like to call…THE GREAT BOOK CHALLENGE OF 2014!

I am a book hoarder. Need em’. Want ’em. Gotta have ’em. My books are wonderfully organized in an order that only I understand. I do however have a bookcase in my bedroom that I like to refer to as the “Books I Have Not Read Yet” book case. I’m challenging myself to read as many of these books as I can in 2014 instead of going out and buying a new book to read. I’ll create a separate page and list all of the book titles and cross them off as I go. Woohoo!



3 thoughts on “Book Challenge

  1. I’m doing something similar this year too. I am also a book lover and I am trying to read and then pass on more books than I acquire this year. It will reduce my clutter and also help me to not spend money on books. 🙂

  2. I am such an avid reader (I always have at least 3 going at a time) I could NEVER afford to buy all the books I read so they know me VERY well at the library!!!

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