Sick Day-Snow Day

It’s currently snowing away outside and I’m home from work in bed sick. I always seem to get run down this time of year.

I have updated my “current debt” tab and unfortunately was only able to pay off $175.51 in debt this month. I’m a little sad because I would like to see that number a little higher but I know the culprit was my Visa and because it’s Christmas time. Hopefully January proves to be a better month! I’ve successfully mailed my books from the border and am also waiting on a cheque from a survey website.

I am now the proud owner of a USA mailbox. Why? You may ask? Because two wonderful gifts that I had ordered on Etsy had been shipped to the border and then returned by USPS because I didn’t have a PMB number..ugghh…needless to say I had to run out and get them different presents! I have contacted one seller who is willing to resend my package if I purchase another item from his shop. The other seller hasn’t yet managed to answer my messages so I’m hoping that it’s not $75 dollars down the drain on car parts that I paid for but didn’t receive…

*News Announcement* I am leaving the basement. In 121 days I will be moving in with my lovely boyfriend. We had a talk about my finances and agreed that because he is doing fine paying the bills on his own, he will continue to pay them while I pay off debt as long as I take care of the grocery shopping. Sounds like a deal to me! I’m excited but nervous about the big move and my goal is to have at least $1000 paid on my Student Loan by then. Wish me luck!


December Budget Update

My Christmas party for my full-time job was Friday night, my boss gave a little speech and let us know that we would be getting Christmas bonuses this year! Last year we got $500 (before taxes of course…) so I’m hoping this will be the case this year! I plan on splitting the money between paying back my future fund after Jerry’s little windshield mishap and putting the rest onto my Visa which has gotten a little steep over the Christmas season (damnit!!!).

On a positive note I’ll be getting my bonus on my birthday! Woohoo! I’ll just have to pretend I’m the only one getting money that day… For the rest of the day I’ll be sleeping in due to some vacation time I need to use up, cleaning up my bachelorette pad a little, maybe go clean the BF’s house a little and then I’m going out to supper with family!¬† Should be a good day ūüôā

Textbook Update!

I just remembered that I forgot to update everyone on the textbook buyback situation! Well the whole set up process was extremely easy. Until I got to the point where I actually had to ship the book…shipping wasn’t provided for free from Canada and for a book they were willing to pay me $30 for, the shipping would have been around $18….NAH! In two weeks (the day after my 24th birthday!) my mom and I are driving down to the border to pick up some christmas presents and I plan on sending about $100 worth of books away SHIPPED FOR FREE (damn Americans always getting sweet shipping deals…). The cheque should arrive at my house about 2-3 weeks later.

I also forgot to mention that I’m not sure I’ll be getting a Christmas bonus from my full-time job this year so I didn’t include it in my monthly budget. If I do happen to get it I plan on putting a large portion onto my Visa balance and a smaller portion onto my Student Loan.

December Budget

Well looky here at all the things I can accomplish when trying to avoid studying for my exam on Friday morning. So far I’ve knocked one book off of my book challenge list and I’ve made a budget for December. I swear I have a really pretty version saved on my computer! I downloaded a template from Cait author of Blonde on a Budget and everything. Now do you think I could find a way to insert that into this post? Of course not… So here it is in stupid plain old font:

Debt                    Goal

Student Loan    $120.00

Line of Credit    $115.00

Car Loan          $288.11

Visa                  $400.00


Retirement      $234.00

Future Fund   $50.00

Transportation (a.k.a Jerry)

Insurance        $115.00

Gas                 $150.00

Parking           $78.00


Cell Phone     $150.00

Misc/Food      $130.00

Total:             $1830.11

I guess for me “December” begins on the 12th (also my 24th birthday!) and continues until January 8th as I get paid on the 9th. We’ll see how that goes! This is my first attempt at an actual monthly “budget” however there are a few adjustments that I had to make.

1. I had to have Jerry’s windshield replaced so not as much will be going into the “future fund”

2. I expect a larger phone bill than normal

3. My RRSP’s actually come right out of my pay cheque and I can’t actually change the amount the amount I contribute but I thought it was important to include it so people can see I am saving!

I should probably go study for my exam now…barf!