December Budget

Well looky here at all the things I can accomplish when trying to avoid studying for my exam on Friday morning. So far I’ve knocked one book off of my book challenge list and I’ve made a budget for December. I swear I have a really pretty version saved on my computer! I downloaded a template from Cait author of Blonde on a Budget and everything. Now do you think I could find a way to insert that into this post? Of course not… So here it is in stupid plain old font:

Debt                    Goal

Student Loan    $120.00

Line of Credit    $115.00

Car Loan          $288.11

Visa                  $400.00


Retirement      $234.00

Future Fund   $50.00

Transportation (a.k.a Jerry)

Insurance        $115.00

Gas                 $150.00

Parking           $78.00


Cell Phone     $150.00

Misc/Food      $130.00

Total:             $1830.11

I guess for me “December” begins on the 12th (also my 24th birthday!) and continues until January 8th as I get paid on the 9th. We’ll see how that goes! This is my first attempt at an actual monthly “budget” however there are a few adjustments that I had to make.

1. I had to have Jerry’s windshield replaced so not as much will be going into the “future fund”

2. I expect a larger phone bill than normal

3. My RRSP’s actually come right out of my pay cheque and I can’t actually change the amount the amount I contribute but I thought it was important to include it so people can see I am saving!

I should probably go study for my exam now…barf!


2 thoughts on “December Budget

  1. Good luck with your budget!

    Do you have any image editing software on your computer? If not, you can download ones for free, I recommend GIMP. The Print Screen button on your keyboard is your friend when you want to capture an image on your screen that you can’t save as a jpeg or other image file. Ctrl+PrintScreen will make a copy of your current screen display and you can paste it into a new file in GIMP or other image editing software. Crop/trim what you want, save, and you can upload to WordPress. 🙂 Hope that helps!

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