Textbook Update!

I just remembered that I forgot to update everyone on the textbook buyback situation! Well the whole set up process was extremely easy. Until I got to the point where I actually had to ship the book…shipping wasn’t provided for free from Canada and for a book they were willing to pay me $30 for, the shipping would have been around $18….NAH! In two weeks (the day after my 24th birthday!) my mom and I are driving down to the border to pick up some christmas presents and I plan on sending about $100 worth of books away SHIPPED FOR FREE (damn Americans always getting sweet shipping deals…). The cheque should arrive at my house about 2-3 weeks later.

I also forgot to mention that I’m not sure I’ll be getting a Christmas bonus from my full-time job this year so I didn’t include it in my monthly budget. If I do happen to get it I plan on putting a large portion onto my Visa balance and a smaller portion onto my Student Loan.


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