Sick Day-Snow Day

It’s currently snowing away outside and I’m home from work in bed sick. I always seem to get run down this time of year.

I have updated my “current debt” tab and unfortunately was only able to pay off $175.51 in debt this month. I’m a little sad because I would like to see that number a little higher but I know the culprit was my Visa and because it’s Christmas time. Hopefully January proves to be a better month! I’ve successfully mailed my books from the border and am also waiting on a cheque from a survey website.

I am now the proud owner of a USA mailbox. Why? You may ask? Because two wonderful gifts that I had ordered on Etsy had been shipped to the border and then returned by USPS because I didn’t have a PMB number..ugghh…needless to say I had to run out and get them different presents! I have contacted one seller who is willing to resend my package if I purchase another item from his shop. The other seller hasn’t yet managed to answer my messages so I’m hoping that it’s not $75 dollars down the drain on car parts that I paid for but didn’t receive…

*News Announcement* I am leaving the basement. In 121 days I will be moving in with my lovely boyfriend. We had a talk about my finances and agreed that because he is doing fine paying the bills on his own, he will continue to pay them while I pay off debt as long as I take care of the grocery shopping. Sounds like a deal to me! I’m excited but nervous about the big move and my goal is to have at least $1000 paid on my Student Loan by then. Wish me luck!


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