Two Way Street

OMG OMG OMG! I logged onto the CanLearn on-line services portal to check my loan balance after making a few payments. It is currently sitting at $36.22! My regular payment comes out on January 31st and I can’t wait to check the balance in early February and see a big fat $0!

For a few weeks now I have been an all-around crankypants when it comes to dealing with my boyfriend. I’m the first person to understand that financially some things just have to come before others. For some reason when I’m not the one paying the money, I don’t really get why I can’t seem to have it all at once! I’m now trying to make an effort to be understanding when he says a certain renovation needs to wait until the plumber has been paid (Well pay the damn plumber and lets start tearing down those cabinets baby!). I’m not sure why I think these things just don’t apply when they’re not my own finances!

I’m going to be starting a series of posts on purging my closet/bookshelves and renovating/re-decorating my lovely other half’s house (sometimes with his permission even!). I can’t wait to start different DIY projects and seeing how little I need to spend to accomplish them! I have already picked the paint color for my new office-turned-closet and that should be painted next weekend! Project numero uno!


January Debt Update

Alright! Here I am broadcasting to you live from a remote location! Ok…so maybe I’m just at my boyfriend’s and managed to sneak away while he is playing playstation to write this post but it’s still out of the norm for me.

Here is my January update post. As I said before I have taken about $900 out of my savings account to apply to my loan balance and will be paying off the remainder on pay day. January 31st will be my last EVER student loan payment and I CAN’T WAIT! This month I was also able to make it into the “15,000”s :), so without further ado here is my debt update!


Debt as of January 18, 2014

Student Loan- $360.82

Visa- $5,421.31

Student Line of Credit- $9,634.53

TOTAL: $15,416.66


I’m already a little scared for February since Valentine’s is coming up as well as starting to get ready for the big move! Also I have called Visa and have a potential lead into getting my money back from the miserable eBay experience! Wish me luck!

*Note from blogger* I realize this was a very poorly written post however being sneaky is hard on someone else’s computer 🙂

Decisions Decisions


Since deciding to move in with my wonderful boyfriend, I’ve opened a whole new can of worms when it comes to financial planning and budgeting. This brings me to my next biggest announcement…*drum roll please*… at the end of this month I am currently planning on paying off my student loan!

I will be taking the money from my “future fund” and applying it to my student loan balance and it should be gone by the end of the month. The idea came up while bickering with my boyfriend about kitchen renovations and actually turned out to make a lot of sense. It will be one less payment that I’ll have to worry about per month. At tax time I plan on paying back the amount that I’m taking from savings but I’m sure I’ll take a closer look at my Visa or LOE balance when that comes.

I’m still arguing back and forth with the eBay seller of my product that was returned and really believe that I’ve lost $75 which is pretty annoying. I’m hoping that by going through clothes/shoes/books I’ll be able to snow flake a few dollars to make up for it!

As usual I plan on updating my current debt standings on the 18th of the month (I’m not sure how that date came to be…it just kind of happened…) so stay tuned to monitor my progress! I promise I’m still reading but a few books that I got for Christmas/my birthday are standing in the way of me knocking some books off of my list!

December Budget Wrap-Up

Soooo it turns out I didn’t plan my budgeting out very well. Although I came in under budget in almost all categories and contributing extra into savings, I neglected to note that since my month wasn’t running from Dec.1-Dec.31 there were certain bills that didn’t run during my cycle…like my cell phone.

Oh well! there’s always January for that one!

On a bright note- I’ve heard from the textbook buyback people and my cheque will be on the way this week! Hooray for snowflakes!


I’ve been having trouble with one eBay seller though…I’m beginning to think that I’ve just lost the money I paid for car parts that I didn’t receive due to my shipping address. The tracking says the parts are in the same state as the seller but he claims to not have them. I have opened a case on eBay but it still hasn’t been resolved yet…ughh!!