January Debt Update

Alright! Here I am broadcasting to you live from a remote location! Ok…so maybe I’m just at my boyfriend’s and managed to sneak away while he is playing playstation to write this post but it’s still out of the norm for me.

Here is my January update post. As I said before I have taken about $900 out of my savings account to apply to my loan balance and will be paying off the remainder on pay day. January 31st will be my last EVER student loan payment and I CAN’T WAIT! This month I was also able to make it into the “15,000”s :), so without further ado here is my debt update!


Debt as of January 18, 2014

Student Loan- $360.82

Visa- $5,421.31

Student Line of Credit- $9,634.53

TOTAL: $15,416.66


I’m already a little scared for February since Valentine’s is coming up as well as starting to get ready for the big move! Also I have called Visa and have a potential lead into getting my money back from the miserable eBay experience! Wish me luck!

*Note from blogger* I realize this was a very poorly written post however being sneaky is hard on someone else’s computer 🙂


4 thoughts on “January Debt Update

  1. Nice job on your debt repayment this month, glad to hear you will finally be getting rid of that student loan completely. Next up is the credit card?

    And I do hope you do get that money back from eBay.

    • Thanks Debt Hater! I’m glad that I decided to pay off the loan, it’s motivating to feel like you’ve accomplished at least one step. Yes next on the chopping block is my Visa but I do plan on making a few small additional payments to my line of credit as well as I’m currently only making the minimum payment required.

      I find out in about 30 days how the Visa dispute goes with the eBay seller! 🙂

  2. I’m impressed at your progress and I am honored to have made the list of blogs you follow 🙂 I hope I can show some debt progress soon too. This is a new lifestyle for me, I just started my debt-free journey in December. Thanks for the inspiration!

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