February Debt Update

Alrighty! Here is my out standing debt as of today! I’m hoping to update my progress bars tonight as I’m staying at home for the first time in a while and I find it difficult to update when I’m not on my own computer.

Debt as of January 18, 2014

Student Loan- $0

Visa- $5,500.00

Student Line of Credit- $9,577.60

TOTAL: $15,077.60

Woohoo! Down to two lines now! As for my problems with the eBay seller…paypal/visa/someone who isn’t me…has applied a temporary credit to my account while they look further into the issue with the seller :).

I’ve also managed to sell a few books and pictures and things to keep me (hopefully) in the black this month. I can only imagine the day when I don’t have to live pay check to pay check!! At least roll-up-the-rim is back! Come oonnnn new car!


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