A Whole New Worllddd….

Wow! Have I ever been slack on the posting lately! In the midst of my busy February I haven’t found much time to sit and have a minute to myself, let alone post for a few of those minutes. Everything is starting to pick up now at work and with the classes I take for work so by the time I get home I have zombie-brain. On the weekends I’m not home so I find it hard to post.

Speaking of not being home…in 59 days I’m moving in with a boy (eww…I know right..). This means financially I’ll have to pick up the slack a little bit, and just after paying off my loan! You can’t get ahead! April will be such a busy month for me with exams and hockey tournaments, my boyfriend’s birthday and moving…I hope I can keep my Visa spending under control. It crept up a bit this month due to little things like curtain rods that will make me feel a bit more comfortable in the bachelor pad.

I’ve decided to set some goals for myself for March and here they are!

-Read 2 books
-Pay my visa down to $5000
-Exercise 1x per week not including hockey

Lets see how those go over 🙂


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