Tax Season, Shmax Season

This year I was so excited to file my taxes as I have been paying into RRSPs at Job#1 for the first year and I was also able to claim about $1000 in tuition from the courses that my company pays for. Much to my surprise…the government has decided I OWE THEM $500 this year because Job#2 was not taking a high enough percentage of taxes out of my pay in proportion to my total income. Needless to say I am having that fixed shortly and am filling out the paperwork to get them to take more out.

Thankfully I am still able to file for my Tuition Credit and am getting $2000 back from that so in total I’m still getting back $1500. I’m torn with what to do with my return. I know I will now not be able to replenish my savings account to what it was as I need summer tires which will run me around $600. Should I split the remainder between debt and savings? Or should I put the remainder back in my savings account and just keep plugging away at my debt? I still have a few more weeks to figure it out but I’d like to be prepared by the time the money hits my account! 



March Debt Update

Debt as of March 18, 2014

Student Loan- $0

Visa- $5,810.50

Student Line of Credit- $9,511.81

TOTAL: $15,322.31

So my total debt has increased this month since last month 😦 this is the first time since I have been tracking my debt that this has occured. I’m trying to remain positive though and stick to my March goals! At least there is gas in my tank, and Jerry is registered and road worthy for another year,

What To Do When Faced With A Backslide



This week didn’t go so well for the ol’ Visa. Between gas, groceries, and needing to register Jerry, my plastic nemesis got a workout. Although I am confident that I will maintain my second goal of keeping my visa at $5,500 by the end of the month, I know it won’t be possible by debt update day.

I know that things like car registrations just need to happen but that doesn’t stop it from feeling discouraging when you feel like just when you were starting to gain momentum suddenly you’re slipping backward.

Two positive announcements for this post: I was able to get refunded by paypal for the truck parts I had purchased and never recieved and also I passed my property insurance midterm! Now for the exam…

I honestly can’t wait for my April update! It might have to happen a little early because it will land on MOVING DAY! By moving day I will have no class after work, no more hockey for the season, and I will be living with my wonderful other half who has been insanely supportive through this crazy winter.

When it Rains, it Pours


This month I had to take my jeep (Jerry) in for an inspection and also register it. Jerry was also due for an oil change, I did my research and found a well recommended privately owned garage whose owners I know. I figuered if I was looking at about $200-$250. WRONG. My lovely bill this morning was $618…I still need to pay $101 to register it. Maybe this is why people have emergency funds?

My father also called to tell me that the cheapest tires he could find for my vehicle are running around $700 installed…


I can already see that I won’t be making my March goal of having my Visa at $5000. I think maintaining it at $5500 will have to be the adjusted goal.

This has all happened at a time when I’m stressing about an upcoming midterm for my course. One ray of sunshine however is I’ve learned my employer is letting us claim tuition on our personal income tax! Hooray! Now I just need to get my taxes filed so I can hopefully get back on track. I hate the thought of using my tax return just to get back on track and not sink it into debt or replenish savings.

Please share with me your budgetting methods! Teach me how to budget!