52 Weeks of Saving

money jar

At the end of 2013 my wonderful boyfriend approached me about the 52 Weeks of Savings idea. The general idea of the program is simple, during the first week of the year you add $1 to the jar, $2 for the second week..etc.By the end of the year you’re supposed to have a total of $1378 (my goal is $1400). I thought this was a great way to begin saving money together.

Tomorrow will begin week 16 of the challenge, I should currently have $120 in my account (I opted for a savings account while BF chose the jar method) however I have $130.14 in there right now. For weeks 1-5 I deposited $5 and for weeks 6-10 I deposited $10. I’m going to try to continue to add in a little extra in there each week because i know coming up with the money for weeks 40-52 will be difficult and I would like to have a little buffer in there.

BF currently thinks he will buy a new TV with his money and I will most likely roll mine onto debt. Priorities! Just kidding. BF has no debt besides the mortgage so good on him if he wants to buy a new TV with his savings. Some day I’ll be able to make a similar (although probably not electronic) purchase for myself!


2 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Saving

  1. I am also participating in this challenge, though I haven’t talked about it on my blog. The money I’m using for this challenge comes from “extra” things. One day I helped my neighbor by snowblowing her driveway, she gave me $10, things like that. I am using mine for gifts for my friends and family for birthdays, Christmas, etc. I will most likely have some leftover at the end of the year, I DON’T spend $1400 on gifts/year, so I haven’t decided wether I will just leave the extra in there for next year or if I will pull it out and put it towards my EF, if not fully funded at the point, or debt.

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