My First Month with Mint

For the past month I have been using the app to track my spending. This is linked to my accounts at both Royal Bank and Scotiabank (yep…including that secret account in the overdraft…) so it gives me a good overall idea of where my money actually goes.


Here was the budget I had set for myself in April:

                                  Budget                        Actual

Auto Insurance-            $115                          $115

Auto Payments-           $290                           $290

Gas-                              $300                          $258

Parking-                        $78                             $78

Phone-                          $80                             $80

Groceries-                    $300                            $255

Restaurants-                 $60                             $51

Shopping-                     $100                           $495


Things I didn’t account for:

“Gifts”-  $132

“Everything Else”- $309-This includes loan interest, ATM & bank fees etc.


Mint tells me that I have spent  $1604 of $1398…well…that didn’t go so well now did it… they also forgot to include the $289 “Everything Else” category in there… Mint is telling me I have $347 left over…’magine that! Even with spending $500 on shopping lol I think you might have to take this with a grain of salt…it looks like your budget is great when you forget to factor things in!


SO! Moving forward and licking my wounds from that sorry attempt… here is what May’s Budget will look like”

Auto Insurance-             $140                         

Auto Payments-             $290                          

Gas-                               $300                             

Parking-                          $78               

Phone-                           $80               

Groceries-                      $300

Student LOC-                 $115                             

Restaurants-                  $60             

Shopping-                      $100                            

Gifts-                              $50

Bank Fees-                    $40

I should add that I can’t find out how to make CC payments show up on here and not just show that I’m moving money from one account to another.

Let’s see if May goes a little bit better than April did!


9 thoughts on “My First Month with Mint

  1. I haven’t tried Mint. I just keep track myself and it sounds as though Mint has some issues with how it tracks things sometimes. Let us know if it tracks May better. 🙂

  2. Your credit card payments show in Mint as a balance transfer because they are not an expense but a cash flow item. The expense would have already been recorded the previous month, so if you recorded the payment against your budget as well you would be counting it twice. I don’t find Mint handles cash flow planning well so I keep a separate monthly cash flow plan on excel.

  3. Don’t worry about spending much money on a gift for your sissa in May, she accepts hugs and hand-me down clothing or shoes if you’re really stuck on giving her something LOL!

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