My Problem With Mint

It’s no secret that this month I am over budget. However the Mint app is telling be I still have $167 left over..woohoo for me! This month looked like this:

Income- $2129

Budgeted with Mint- $1733

I actually spent: $2374 ($666 was tires/car maintenance)

I think maybe it’s time to change my game a little bit and start keeping an Excel spreadsheet similar to Shoeaholicnomore (teach me your ways!). I think I’ll find this a little difficult only because I don’t use my laptop/home computer on a daily basis. Does anyone keep spreadsheets on their phone? I need to keep current with the times man! Moving forward for June, I’m going to sit down tonight and outline an Excel budget for the month of June. This will include my $370 insurance payment coming up June 1st (I haven’t had to pay insurance since I moved in with my boyfriend since we were changing the policy around a little.) I also think I need a little blog re-vamp since the top of the page still says my journey is to get out of my parents’ basement. Wish me luck!


Debt as of May.16/14

Coming to you early again this month! I know a long weekend is coming up and I want to make sure I get this post in before I forget!

Debt as of May 16, 2014

Student Loan- $0

Visa- $5,368.05

Student Line of Credit- $9,384.31

TOTAL: $14752.36

I’ve noticed that even though my debt has been going down, it’s been pretty small amounts each month! I really want to focus on paying larger amounts and keeping that Visa down. But here lies my problem, I have budgeting for my TRIPLE insurance payment of $360 coming up on June 1st and began saving for that, but I completely neglected to save for the $667 car bill I have coming up 😦 looks like that bad boy will be split between my Visa and my overdraft :(. Luckily in the month of June I’ll be getting my tuition credit money back to the tune of $1500 and we usually get a little bonus from work as well! I also plan on having a yard sale to get rid of some of the things I’ve discovered I don’t need after moving.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun long weekend! If you haven’t tried Moose Light Radler yet and you are local, you’ve gotta try it!

Joint Account Jibberish

This morning as I sat down at my desk with my coffee to start work for the day catch up on my favorite blogs, I noticed a post on Blogging Away Debt regarding joint accounts. Currently my boyfriend and I have completely separate banking at completely separate banks. We have joint insurance/free point accounts/etc.. but don’t really feel the need to combine finances.

If I’m being completely honest I wouldn’t mind at all handing over the majority of my income to him and have him pay the bills but A)that teaches me nothing about managing money and B)takes away a but of my independence. What happens if I want to surprise him with a gift? Working at a jewelry store has taught me a thing or two about secret presents, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “I’ll put it on this card so she won’t see the charge until after she gets it” or “What’s the total?…ok I’m just going to run to the ATM”.

Jim feels that everything becomes “his or hers and not ours” when there is separate financing. But why shouldn’t there be? It’s my debt, I chose to buy a new outfit every weekend in university, not him. I chose to go to a 4 year university, not him. I chose to finance a vehicle, not him. Why should he be stuck paying for my mistakes with even a portion of his income?

Currently we are participating in the “52 Weeks of Savings” challenge, and even though we are doing this “together” we are saving our money in separate accounts. We might purchase something together for the house at the end (i.e. new deck) or you know….truck parts and a wardrobe makeover might happen.

I understand that joint finances were the norm for so many years, but it has left me wondering if the growing personal debt trend has pushed separate finances? I can’t see us combining finances at all before my debt is paid off (if that ever happens…come oonnn light at the end of the tunnel, where are you?).

**Note: there seems to be a bit of a controversy on BAD regarding plagiarism by Jim on the article I had mentioned and the original post can be found on Man Vs Debt