My Problem With Mint

It’s no secret that this month I am over budget. However the Mint app is telling be I still have $167 left over..woohoo for me! This month looked like this:

Income- $2129

Budgeted with Mint- $1733

I actually spent: $2374 ($666 was tires/car maintenance)

I think maybe it’s time to change my game a little bit and start keeping an Excel spreadsheet similar to Shoeaholicnomore (teach me your ways!). I think I’ll find this a little difficult only because I don’t use my laptop/home computer on a daily basis. Does anyone keep spreadsheets on their phone? I need to keep current with the times man! Moving forward for June, I’m going to sit down tonight and outline an Excel budget for the month of June. This will include my $370 insurance payment coming up June 1st (I haven’t had to pay insurance since I moved in with my boyfriend since we were changing the policy around a little.) I also think I need a little blog re-vamp since the top of the page still says my journey is to get out of my parents’ basement. Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “My Problem With Mint

  1. Glad to hear you are going to sit down and try to get it figured out. I’m on my computer every day for work, so doing my budgeting on there just makes sense for me. If you want some help with budgeting in excel, please just shoot me an email, I’d be glad to help you with whatever I can.

    Can’t wait to see your re-vamped site! 🙂

  2. I love it when people do up their blogs. Shoes new blog looks great! I use my ipad and have created my own spreadsheet and It works. Search what free apps they have available for iPhone to track spending and debts.

  3. I had the same issues with Mint! I switched over the excel spreadsheet version of budgeting and it’s worked much much MUCH better for me.
    Looking forward to the new look 🙂

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