Weekend Plans/ Credit Recap


This weekend the boyfriend and are celebrating our first anniversary. Woohoo! We’re going to the casino in a nearby city with a few of the guys he works with and their wives. I’m not a huge fan of casinos (obviously because they take all my money, I’m better off just donating at the front desk and just walking away) but my other half loves them so up we go! I usually take out about $40 to play and stop when that’s gone. He pays for the room and the drinks so I don’t need to worry about that. I’m looking forward to celebrating though! We usually stay at a cheaper hotel across the street but since BF is a member at the casino we were able to get a really good rate for the night at the casino’s attached hotel :).

Last night I tore through my closet with a garbage bag assessing each piece with  “do I wear this?”, “do I like this?”, and of course “is this yucky?”. I got rid of a full garbage bag of clothes and half a bag of shoes. While away this weekend we are going to the mall and I’m allowing myself a max of $300 to spend on work clothes. This sounds like a lot but since it’s Canada Day weekend I’m hoping to score some great deals. I haven’t gone shopping for work clothes in forever and I’m glad that my budget this pay will allow for that. Any left over money will be put onto my Visa.

So here is where the $2047 of my cheque went!

$1000- Visa

$303- Savings

$47- Oil Change

$520- Income Tax I Owed

$177- Work Clothes Fund 🙂

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



This Just In


My tuition tax credit came in! Friday afternoon I got a text from my father, the conversation went a little like this:

Dad: “R u working tonight”
Me: “Not until Monday”
Dad: “Letter here”
Me:  “From?”
Dad: “Gov”

Me: “Does it look and smell like a cheque?”
Dad: “Kind of lol”

So needless to say after work I dropped by my parents’ house and picked up my cheque for $2050! So far I’ve put $1000 onto my Visa, $303 into my 52weeks of savings account (this will be my deposit for the upcoming 2 weeks as well as paying off all of December and part of November so I won’t have to make any payments then when I’m trying to buy Christmas presents 🙂 ). I also bought some groceries and I need an oil change desperately. I’ll give a further update after I pay the $520 income tax bill that I owe. Feeling pretty great today! Visa is down to $4650 and I hope to have it down in the $3000s by my vacation!

June Debt Update

How did it get to be the 18th of the month already?? Here is my debt update for June. I’m happy to say that I’m ALMOST caught back up to where I was before tires/life happened thanks to my bonus and also I’m out of the overdraft with about a $40 cushion that I can use for an upcoming dinner with friends on Friday night!

Debt as of June 18, 2014

Student Loan- $0

Visa- $5,650.00

Student Line of Credit- $9,324.23

TOTAL: 14,974.23

Not great but not too shabby either! This month BF and I decided to take in some recyclables and also use up grocery store points that we accumulate together. We got $92.50 from the bottles and had $90 to spend on groceries! We racked up a $273 order and I paid $99 at the end! We knew this was going to be a BIG trip to stock up on lots of steak & chicken for the summer and we lucked out because when we got there, both were on sale!! (How often does that happen? umm never!).

Also, a few months ago BF got a brand new truck (he drives a company truck that he takes home every night and does not pay for gas…I guess that’s what happens when you’re the partner in a company…jerk) anywho, the dealership gave him a card for 40 cents off a litre for up to 800 litres which he then gave to me. This weekend I filled the tank of my Jeep Patriot for $35!! It usually runs me $55-60. This should save me the cost of a full tank every month for a few months!



Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

This afternoon around 2:45 my boss pulled all employees into a meeting. It’s bonus time! I honestly didn’t expect it for another month and it honestly couldn’t have come at a better time. Here is how my finances sit at this very second (I’ll still be doing my monthly update, no one panic ;)).

Scotiabank chequing- $-752.16 (umm yep..that happened)
Scotiabank savings- $10.00

RoyalBank chequing- $12.03
Royal Bank savings- $271.49 (52 weeks of savings- I should be at $300 currently so I’m not too far behind)

Visa- $5950.00
Credit Line-$9384.31
Car Loan- $10430.91

On Thursday I will be getting a cheque for $1635 as well as a cheque from my part-time job, I’m not 100% sure how much that will be yet since commissions/spiffs etc are included. Here is my game plan, you have 2 days to talk me out of it or make suggestions.


Line of Credit $115 (min payment)
Phone $80
Car Payment $144
Visa $300
Overdraft $650 (My second job pay gets deposited here too)
Savings $100
Gas $150
Other $96

As you can see my #1 goal for this pay will be to get back into the black in all accounts and STAY THERE. My “other” category includes gifts/food/entertainment for 2 weeks. This seems to be the area I’m worst at sticking to. For the next two weeks I WILL stick within my $96 goal!

I’d better get back to getting all caught up with Banishing Loans . For some reason I always feel the need to read from the beginning when I can. I’ll be writing another post soon about my latest grocery haul!