Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

This afternoon around 2:45 my boss pulled all employees into a meeting. It’s bonus time! I honestly didn’t expect it for another month and it honestly couldn’t have come at a better time. Here is how my finances sit at this very second (I’ll still be doing my monthly update, no one panic ;)).

Scotiabank chequing- $-752.16 (umm yep..that happened)
Scotiabank savings- $10.00

RoyalBank chequing- $12.03
Royal Bank savings- $271.49 (52 weeks of savings- I should be at $300 currently so I’m not too far behind)

Visa- $5950.00
Credit Line-$9384.31
Car Loan- $10430.91

On Thursday I will be getting a cheque for $1635 as well as a cheque from my part-time job, I’m not 100% sure how much that will be yet since commissions/spiffs etc are included. Here is my game plan, you have 2 days to talk me out of it or make suggestions.


Line of Credit $115 (min payment)
Phone $80
Car Payment $144
Visa $300
Overdraft $650 (My second job pay gets deposited here too)
Savings $100
Gas $150
Other $96

As you can see my #1 goal for this pay will be to get back into the black in all accounts and STAY THERE. My “other” category includes gifts/food/entertainment for 2 weeks. This seems to be the area I’m worst at sticking to. For the next two weeks I WILL stick within my $96 goal!

I’d better get back to getting all caught up with Banishing Loans . For some reason I always feel the need to read from the beginning when I can. I’ll be writing another post soon about my latest grocery haul!


3 thoughts on “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

  1. I too love to read blogs from the beginning. I think its something to do with needing to see their journey (especially if they are now debt free or nearly debt free). I like to see how they progressed and what their setbacks were and how they dealt with them. It’s very interesting to me. I know, I know, I’m a nerd 🙂

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