June Debt Update

How did it get to be the 18th of the month already?? Here is my debt update for June. I’m happy to say that I’m ALMOST caught back up to where I was before tires/life happened thanks to my bonus and also I’m out of the overdraft with about a $40 cushion that I can use for an upcoming dinner with friends on Friday night!

Debt as of June 18, 2014

Student Loan- $0

Visa- $5,650.00

Student Line of Credit- $9,324.23

TOTAL: 14,974.23

Not great but not too shabby either! This month BF and I decided to take in some recyclables and also use up grocery store points that we accumulate together. We got $92.50 from the bottles and had $90 to spend on groceries! We racked up a $273 order and I paid $99 at the end! We knew this was going to be a BIG trip to stock up on lots of steak & chicken for the summer and we lucked out because when we got there, both were on sale!! (How often does that happen? umm never!).

Also, a few months ago BF got a brand new truck (he drives a company truck that he takes home every night and does not pay for gas…I guess that’s what happens when you’re the partner in a company…jerk) anywho, the dealership gave him a card for 40 cents off a litre for up to 800 litres which he then gave to me. This weekend I filled the tank of my Jeep Patriot for $35!! It usually runs me $55-60. This should save me the cost of a full tank every month for a few months!




2 thoughts on “June Debt Update

  1. Well done for getting out of your overdraft! That took me years to do. Having a cushion is great for when you go over by a few pounds here and there.

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