Weekend Plans/ Credit Recap


This weekend the boyfriend and are celebrating our first anniversary. Woohoo! We’re going to the casino in a nearby city with a few of the guys he works with and their wives. I’m not a huge fan of casinos (obviously because they take all my money, I’m better off just donating at the front desk and just walking away) but my other half loves them so up we go! I usually take out about $40 to play and stop when that’s gone. He pays for the room and the drinks so I don’t need to worry about that. I’m looking forward to celebrating though! We usually stay at a cheaper hotel across the street but since BF is a member at the casino we were able to get a really good rate for the night at the casino’s attached hotel :).

Last night I tore through my closet with a garbage bag assessing each piece withย  “do I wear this?”, “do I like this?”, and of course “is this yucky?”. I got rid of a full garbage bag of clothes and half a bag of shoes. While away this weekend we are going to the mall and I’m allowing myself a max of $300 to spend on work clothes. This sounds like a lot but since it’s Canada Day weekend I’m hoping to score some great deals. I haven’t gone shopping for work clothes in forever and I’m glad that my budget this pay will allow for that. Any left over money will be put onto my Visa.

So here is where the $2047 of my cheque went!

$1000- Visa

$303- Savings

$47- Oil Change

$520- Income Tax I Owed

$177- Work Clothes Fund ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



5 thoughts on “Weekend Plans/ Credit Recap

  1. Happy Anniversary to you guys – Thats great you were able to get a good room rate. Its always kinda nice to be away from the usual area.

    Have fun shopping too!

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