Small Update- Happy News

Wow! Long time no post.

We had a great time at the casino/shopping, thanks to everyone who commented.

My position at work consists of answering the phone (or email/ fax) and processing the insurance broker’s change as quickly as possible and telling them the premium difference. There is myself and one other lady on our “team”. Everyone always claims this lady is SO BUSY and she forwards her emails into a joint email box for our part of the company so that others process her emails. Every month we get a sheet sent around with out “stats” for the month, for the past 2 months I have processed over 300 more transactions than she has on average and I don’t feel that I am overwhelmed. Last month my supervisor mentioned this to the president of the company (who congratulated me) and then this month a coworkers also brought it to his attention…long story short, I got a raise! Only 5% but I’ll take it! I was also told that my salary is going to be looked at again in September when we have company wide employee reviews. I find out on Thursday how this will effect my bi-weekly pay :).


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