No-Spend Week

I would like to begin this post by thanking everyone who weighed in on the gym membership! I agree with most of you who said that I should take advantage of the good weather while it’s here and if I stick to working out 2-3x per week at home then I should revisit the gym membership in the fall. I was feeling a lot of blogger love that day!
not buying anything

I have also decided to have my first ever (on purpose…) No-spend week! From today until Thursday there will be no fancy coffees, no new books, no lunches out. Aside from a haunted tour of the city which I already have planned for date night tomorrow night, no money will be leaving my wallet! I’m both excited and nervous about this one. No one likes to fail and we all get lazy sometimes and buy lunch instead of bringing it (although I have been REALLY good lately).

I was also nominated for another Liebster Award by B. at Banishing Loans, and while I won’t be nominating another 5 blogs, I will answer her questions!

1. What was your big ‘aha’ moment when you realized you wanted to change your finances? I don’t know if I had an ‘aha’ moment…but seeing my friends moving on and buying new cars/houses while I was sitting in my parents’ basement streaming tv shows on my laptop sure helped move things along…

2. If you could talk to you two, three, or five years ago, what advice (financially) would you give?
“Don’t buy that” “Don’t buy that either” “Break up with him, he’s a douche” “You should probably put that pay towards school instead of drinks at the bar”

3. How do you best fight off a case of the budget-busting spending urge? By not being able to afford things..HA!

4. What would you like to see more of from the blogs YOU read? Hmmm… I’m not sure…I really like those “How I….” posts on Newlyweds on a Budget like this one and this one as well as this one from Young House Love who aren’t really a financial blog but I LOVE them and their adorable family!

5. What has (to date) been the hardest thing you’ve done in name of financial well-being for yourself? Probably not going places…like anywhere… Vegas, Europe, and even weekend getaways are all things I’ve missed because I don’t feel I can spend the money on travel just yet.

Thanks for the return nomination!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Current Debt update!! 🙂

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