Well That Lasted Long…

grumpy cat

My no-spend week was RUINED! In all fairness I probably should have started with a few no-spend days… Friday night BF informed me that he had invited his friend and the friend’s girlfriend over for a BBQ…I’m not a huuuge fan of the girlfriend for long periods of time so I also invited a few other friends over. Needless to say when you invite people over for a BBQ they kind of expect you to feed them so I did have to get some groceries. A little disappointing but it was the first time I’ve had MY friends over since I’ve moved in so it was nice for them to be able to come see me!

On a positive note I’m pretty well on track with my 2-3x week workouts.


4 thoughts on “Well That Lasted Long…

  1. Downstairs, I’m glad you are writing on a more regular basis now! I love reading more about your journey to pay off you debt. As Spunky says, at least you are trying to have no spend days and the goal is on your mind, that alone is progress!

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