Hockey Season 2014-2015


The verdict is in! I have been waiting for this Facebook post for a while now. Hockey registration this season will not being going up, staying at $410 this year with $20 for time keepers. This is definitely going to be putting a strain on my budget with extra money spent on gas.


4 thoughts on “Hockey Season 2014-2015

  1. That is a lot of money just fro participating. And then there are skates to buy, pads, jerseys, etc. And after game food and refreshments. Plus all the other kid expenses…

    Best of luck and lots of wins!

    • It is a lot but I typically play hockey 9 months of the year 2-3x per week. Luckily most of my gear from last year should be just fine but I may need a new stick (my current one is empty a.k.a out of goals). My team used to have a beer list where a different girl would bring a case of beer each week but we switched to a BYOB method which I much prefer.

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