Monday Check In


^ Self portrait from Saturday…

This weekend was great for re-charging. Friday was my company staff picnic. We started out with some drinks and snacks in the lunchroom, then had a crazy photo scavenger hunt, went to a patio bar for some more drinks and snacks then on to yet another bar with slushy drinks and a huge outdoor patio with big couches to lounge on. Nachos and margaritas are a great way to get to know your boss!!(Who enjoyed spraying me with his corona….pest!). On Saturday BF and I headed up to his parents’ trailer with his sister and sat on the beach and caught hermit crabs and more drinks. I’m beginning to learn that I’m not as young as I used to be when it comes to all the drinking as BF and I spent the majority of Sunday in bed watching Duck Dynasty.

I have been doing great with the whole gas/food budget on my credit card situation so far. It’s really been motivating me not to buy unnecessary things when I see the balance lower than it normally is. I need to fill the tank today and pick up some groceries tomorrow and am confident I’ll be under budget for this pay.

Vacation is coming up in a few weeks and I really hope that I can get everything cleaned and organized at home so I can post from home more often. Right now I do 90% of my blogging and blog reading from work. My poor old laptop is so slow but I’m not sure if it just needs to be cleaned or if it’s just going to bite the dust one of these days. Hopefully by the time vacation rolls around I’ll be ready to roll in a DIY home office :).


2 thoughts on “Monday Check In

  1. I blog from home but using my work laptop. I don’t own my own personal computer but would like to get one some day. I don’t dare blog when logged into our work network.

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