My Want List

I thought I would jump on the band wagon this week with a want list inspired by the Spunky Banker and Shoeaholic No More. I like the idea of having a list of wants over a period of time and seeing if it is something you do really want or if it’s a I’d like to have that.

Here is my current Want List!

1. A Massage! I haven’t had a massage since February 2014 when my doctor’s note expired and I can’t put it through insurance without one. With my doctor’s note, massages work out to about $8 for me. Without it could be $80-$100

2. A new hockey stick. My old stick is fine, I haven’t broken it yet although the toe and heel are definitely showing a little wear and tear as I am not a toe-taper (weirdos…never trust someone who tapes the toe of their hockey stick). My current stick seems to have run out of goals though.

3. A Pino Grigio wine kit. My stock if depleated that’s for sure. I’m down to fruity summer wines that will hopefully last me the summer :S.

The next two are more “if I happen to win the lottery” wants

4. Built a brand new house and be able to select EVERYTHING!

5. Summer wheels. I’ve always wanted an older muscle car to peel around in during the summer. Unfortunately for me we have 4 season in the Maritimes: almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction. BF currently has an 88 GMC Sierra for a personal vehicle that he has customized and only drives in the summer (he has a company vehicle for every day).

Obviously some of these are more attainable than others but I had fun coming up with the list!


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