Budget Check In

I’m surprised at how well the credit card method worked for me this pay. I’m going to follow the same method of applying my budgeted funds for gas and groceries directly onto my Visa and using it to pay only for those things. I still had that “guilty feeling” when pulling it out so I was successful in not using it for other purchases.

Here is how I did with my first budget for this bi-weekly period:

Budgeted … Actual

Income- $847.62 … $945.15
Insurance- $120 … $117.43
Parking- $78 … $78
Car Payment- $145 … $144.11
Saving- $61 … $61
Gas- $100 … $36.86
Groceries- $150 … $165.94
Other- $43 … $60.31
Total- $697 … $755.65

Not included was the $92 I paid to Momsy for my CAA renewal…but luckily I got $97 in GST that I wasn’t really expecting so the money was there! Overall not bad! I had already paid $150 toward visa so I managed to apply an extra $47.20 by using my card for gas and groceries. Woohoo!

I’m not looking forward to hockey registration coming up next pay for $200. I’ve already sold one item online and made $20 and plan to sell a few more next week when I’m on ~*VaCaTiOn*~!! I can’t wait! BF is off as well and we don’t have much planned except painting one of the spare bedrooms! Also coming out of next pay will be $150 for the cottage rental over the long weekend and I’m a little torn between paying that and not making a visa payment or taking the money out of my cushy 52 Weeks of Savings account (sitting at $861.50 currently).

I’ve managed to cross off two books from my book challenge list this week but I wasn’t able to maintain my 2-3 workouts…so I think you can guess what I was doing in my spare time.

How did you guys make out this week?


3 thoughts on “Budget Check In

  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good week overall. My plan for this week was to get back on track with working out since I’ve slacked on that the past couple week with out county fair and all. So far I’ve worked out once and I’m planning to go tonight and tomorrow, which will put me on track for my goal of 3/week.

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