Change of Pace

Hey everyone!  I thought I’d mix it up a little bit this week since I’m on vacation.  I’ve been having a great time with friends and family. I’m sorry if this post is a little unorganized as I’m on my phone.
Friday night BF and I went to sleep early after both of us had crazy days at work.
On Saturday I went into town and took advantage of a promotion for a $39 hour long massage,  normally $79 so it looks like I can cross that one off of my want list! Saturday night we headed to the casino with a friend of BFs and his girlfriend. 

Sunday we were a hurtin’ unit but still drug ourselves of bed for a hike with friends. We went to a cabin up in the woods where a lady served us homemade soup, sandwiches,  and yummy desserts.  Here are a few pictures from the hike, the terrain was a bit rough in places so luckily people had made railings/ropes there over the years!






Funny story, two nature-loving girls taking their couch-loving boyfriends on a surprise 2.5 hour nature hike. Good thing we’re cute!

*Not Pictured* saw a snake and lived to tell the tale! I only had a small anxiety attack and ran like an idiot.

This evening we went to BF’s parents for steak, lobster, and wine.  BF has a second cousin over from Italy so tomorrow is a big italian supper at his grandmother’s house! However I came home to find out my mom’s PayPal account had been hacked and $1600 charged to her visa in 8 transactions over an hour.  Luckily both PayPal and visa are being very helpful and she will get her money back.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and stress-free week!


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