Millenial Cheque Usage


As some of you may know its hockey registration time for me again this year! I was so excited this year to find out that my league has introduced online registration for players “how convenient!” I thought, “I’ll register with my Visa and then transfer the money over!” I thought. WRONG! I learned that the online registration feature would not be applicable for senior players (ladies 18+). Immediately I thought “oh well, I’ll just send them an email money transfer for my deposit”. WRONG! A lovely little note on the league Facebook page informed me that they would not be allowing email money transfers this year and that deposits should be made by cheque or money order.*HULK SMASH!* 
 I’m 24 years old…I have never had or used cheques other than when I would transfer my parents money and they would write one for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have written many a cheque when I used to work various jobs for my employers, but never personal cheques. I do not want to pay to order cheques and I do not want to pay for a money order! (Maybe Spunky could help me out here with my options). They also had noted they would not be accepting cash until I made a lovely comment about generation y’ers who don’t have or use cheques and they decided they would accept cash at registration nights only but not for the remaining balance. Umm hellooo… my cash will not bounce…my cash is legit, I did not fabricate it in my basement…if you want my money you should take my cash or take my electronic money! With the growing popularity of online and mobile banking, I feel this is how the majority of generation Y does their banking. I was relieved to see feedback from other players who had planned on paying cash or money transfer.

*End Rant*

Over the years I noticed my parents used cheques all the time for registrations, donations, etc…

Do you use cheques? If you do, what do you use them for? ENLIGHTEN ME!


7 thoughts on “Millenial Cheque Usage

  1. Cheques =LOL they are so antique. Pretty much no-one uses them anymore. I don’t even have a cheque book. Although I’m in Britain, so we use cash or card for everything. Cheques aren’t old-skool, they’re just plain outdated!

  2. I’m not generation Y but a baby boomer and we don’t use cheques. In fact we ran out and have not ordered more because we are unwilling to pay for them. Credit card, electronic transfer when necessary and (rarely) cash all the way! I hear ya and I’m with ya!

  3. I don’t hardly use checks, but my parents are stuck in the olden days and use them often. I’m constantly trying to explain that it’s quicker to use debit card when you’re in a store and it works the exact same way as a check, comes out of the same account.

  4. I use checks to pay contract employees, and to pay the rent, but I’m “old skool”. Hmm… then again, to you Millennials, I may be “ancient”… I was born in ’69.

    I have socks that are older than some of you. 🙂 lol

    Anyway, I also use PayPal, debit cards, cash, and online banking. I don’t mind using checks though, as my credit union provides them free of charge.

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