Keeping Up With The Joneses

I think every personal finance blogger that I follow has written a post about keeping up with the Joneses at one point or another. I had one of those moments at work yesterday….

One of my best friends is in the midst of wrapping up his engineering degree. He’s on the 6+ year plan since he went away for university and goofed off for a few years like many of us do. He has about 4X the student loan debt that I had when I first graduated. Yesterday I was sitting at work typey-typing away and a bill of sale came across my desk….he is buying a brand new 2014 GMC Sierra…. Now you tell me how that works?? How can you owe a ton of money on student loans and think its a great idea to buy a brand new truck for $50,000? I’m driving Jerry until he falls apart! (Jerry is my 2008 Jeep Patriot- whom I bought used). The only reason there is a 2014 GMC sitting in my driveway is because BF’s company pays for it! I admit I got a little jealous when BF got his new truck as well but at least I get to use it haha.

I also see friends going away on tropical vacations down south right after university. Friends of mine (the same friend plus more) just came back from spending 3 weeks traveling around Europe. I didn’t go because I just didn’t have the money. It makes me frustrated to see people who owe more than me getting into more debt. Oh well! I have made a decision to become debt free and I’m sticking to it! I can go to Europe when I can afford it :).





10 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The Joneses

  1. Oh man, I hear ya. I am pining over a new Santa Fe, even though my trusty (now slightly rusty) hatchback is suiting me well enough. But then I drive by the signs they have 2014 stock for about $15,000 off. I want it, but I know it isn’t wise.

    I ignored my friends a lot of the time, especially right after finishing school. They had gigantic lines of credit or student loans and were still able to borrow… so they did. Now that they’re 5 years out of school and should be making more money now, I’ve noticed a decline in their jet-setting lifestyle. I don’t know them well enough to ask if they finally smartened up, but the vacations have definitely gotten cheaper.

  2. Just like Debs says, hold on to your goals girl! When you can afford a trip like that you’ll enjoy it so much more knowing that you don’t have to pay it off for years to come once you arrive home. You are just ahead of your friends, when they figure it out, they’ll be jealous of you!

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