Vacation Spending


I’m back from my vacation on the island! We had a great time with lots of food and drinks and time spent with friends. I’m glad I had the opportunity to go buutttt I discovered something about myself I didn’t really know before :

I am a HUGE introvert.


I have never really noticed it so much before. I have always loved interacting with people and playing sports and being involved. I guess it just took 6 people in a 3 bedroom cottage to bring it out in me. I found myself still needing to go off on my own to get some “down time”. My friends were all out on the deck playing drinking games and it was just so loud and I felt like my brain was going to explode. No thanks, I don’t want to chug that beer, I’m fine with my wine over here in this chair. I felt really bad for not joining in on most of the games but 1)I don’t like drinking games anymore and 2) you’re all loud as f***.

I find it strange being in a relationship with an Italian guy (and his big…loud…Italian family) but I’ve never had an issue before. He likes playing video games and I like reading so I ALWAYS am able to have “down time” every day. When he gets a little loud I just tell him to settle down and that he’s talking like his sister (a.k.a loud).

I also felt like everyone’s mother this weekend. I had never been to the cottage before and still found myself bombarded daily with “where is the paper towel?” “is there a cutting board here?” “where is the broom?” and my personal favorite “I plugged the toilet”. It was infuriating me that instead of just looking for the paper towel themselves, they would ask me where it was. I had never been there either! I don’t know where they keep it!


So now that I’ve got that off my chest…here is how my Vacation spending worked out:

Cottage -$150*

Bridge- $45

Food & Drinks- $128.74

Total– $323.74

Overall not bad for the weekend 🙂

*Each couple also kicked in $50 even though I told them that I was covering the cottage. So really my total was $232.74! I was insistent on not taking their money but luckily I have the type of friends who wouldn’t take their money back…and also I realized I was poor so I should just take it.




12 thoughts on “Vacation Spending

  1. Nice pictures, looks like a fun place to vacation! There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little down time during your vacation, it doesn’t always have to be non-stop entertainment.

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