I’m a Thousandaire!

Ok not really… but my 52 weeks of savings account is currently sitting at $1007.28 after being paid this morning. Only $392.72 to go before I meet my goal of $1400! I can’t wait to plop a chunk of that baby on my Visa when I get there!

I’m a little bit stressed out this morning after getting my schedules for my part time job last night. We recently acquired a new manager, whom I told 2 shifts per week was perfect and 3 is fine during busy times, vacations, etc. As it stands I work 3-4 shifts per week for the next 4 weeks. Including 3 Saturdays. Not a huge deal but I also would like to actually play hockey, not just pay for it. It’s also pretty difficult to get a ring on my finger if I never see my boyfriend! When am I supposed to clean or get groceries?! I’m going to talk to her the next time I see her and tell her I need to go back to 2 shifts per week for October. As much as I love the extra income, there are certain sacrifices I can’t make in my life right now. Wish me luck!



16 thoughts on “I’m a Thousandaire!

  1. That’s a lot of extra shifts for the second job. I think I could manage 3 assuming 2 were evenings and one was a weekend, but 4!

    Congrats on getting the balance above $1,000. I love it when digits roll over…

  2. congrats on having $1000 – I remember that feeling getting so excited getting my first $1k on a savings account.

    Good luck on the 2nd job – hopefully you can enjoy weekends on October!

  3. Congrats on meeting your savings goal and good luck in finding balance in the number of shifts you work. I think it’s awesome that you have a P/T job on top of a F/T one. Too much work other things start to suffer as you say.

  4. Great work! As everyone else says above, it’s so wonderful to see those numbers hit certain points – and you’re almost to your goal! Good luck with the P/T job; hopefully your boss is cool about scaling back 🙂

  5. My favorite “difficult to get a ring on my finger if I never see my boyfriend,” hahaha. Story of my life. But I never see my boyfriend because I don’t have one. Hahaha

  6. I totally get what you mean about your PT job. I usually work either Saturday or Sunday at mine, but during busy times (holidays) I usually end up working both days and then I don’t get a day off (at all) for weeks at time (Novemeber and December). That gets so draining and I don’t have time to get my own personal tasks accomplished.

  7. I remember the days of working a PT job on top of a FT one. And it was at a bar, so let’s just say the hours were a bit much. But … I was 20 years younger & could handle it, too bad I sucked at saving all that money!

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