Proposed September Budget

Back when Newlyweds on a Budget were still two broke kids in love living in a shack, I used to love their monthly budget pie charts (yep…nerd). I thought I’d give it a try this month and break my budget down in a chart πŸ™‚

piechart sept

Financial Goals for September:

-Stay out of the overdraft in Bank #2’s account

-Pay for everything out of Bank #1’s account

-Contribute $155 to 52 weeks of savings

-Make extra money by selling things online/writing a post

-10 no spend days

-Have $4000 total paid by September 18th!!


5 thoughts on “Proposed September Budget

  1. Good job on the debt repayment and budgeting. Make sure to take some of the cash you have and save it for an emergency fund before you continue to pay off the debt. That way if something bad happens you won’t be tempted to get back into debt.

    Stay focused and keep cranking on it! Life on the other side of debt is awesome.

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