Selling Things Online

I’ve just finished a stretch of 3 night shifts at my PT job and I just can’t wait to get home and binge watch New Girl and sleeeep!…Right after I make supper apparently…

This week at work I sold a particularly large diamond ring so hopefully I made the cut off to get the commission for it this month and not have to wait until next month!

One of my goals for the month was to sell things that I didn’t need online or through social media pages. I recently posted a framed poster of Marilyn Monroe (as if you all didn’t have one too…) and a girl answered that she would like to buy it. Here is what I hate, trying to make plans with  someone who is not flexible never goes well. Since I worked during the evenings and she did not want to come to the mall, I agreed to meet her on my lunch hour at a place that was a 10 minute drive away. She showed up without money and had to go to the ATM which took her another 10 minutes. Basically the sale for $15 took up my entire lunch hour after I walked to my car, drove there, waited for her to get there, waited for her to get to the ATM, drove back, and walked back to work. I really don’t want to go through that routine again especially when I’m selling things for what I consider to be pretty cheap.

Do you set guidelines in your post when you’re selling things online?


10 thoughts on “Selling Things Online

  1. I use CraigsList sometimes and if I put something up for sale they have to come get it. One time I went to meet some people and it worked out fine but I prefer them to come to me basically when I tell them to. If they want what I’m selling bad enough they do it.

  2. I sold some of my stuff on ebay – it just didn’t seem to be worth it using my lunch time to go to the post office and wait in line to mail something for just $20. I want to do a group garage sale sometime soon, but I haven’t had time to organize something like that yet.

    • Sadly the cost of shipping in Canada makes selling things on ebay not worth it. Gah! You Americans are so lucky! Your postal carriers are top notch!(teach us your ways…). And so many free shipping offers! I’ve sold textbooks online to a website before and crossed the boarder to Maine to ship them so I could have free shipping.

  3. I’ve sold stuff online before, and the price of the item I am selling really dictates the amount of hassle I am willing to put in. If it’s a $500 item (my electric piano) I’m much more willing to put up with some bull than for my $15 item. I’m sort of tapped out on items to sell right now. Loads to donate but not worth the hassle individually.

    Fingers crossed on your commission cheque coming this month rather than next. Did they pay cash? 😉

  4. Uhg that is so annoying. Unfortunately I think that is the way it works sometimes. Maybe make them super aware that it is your lunch and you only have a certain amount of time to be there. Otherwise that is just inconsiderate.

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