Half-Way Point

Well we’re half way through September and I thought I’d check in with my goals:

-Stay out of the overdraft in Bank #2’s account – FAIL I forgot I was putting my groceries on my Visa along with my grocery budget

-Pay for everything out of Bank #1’s account- Passish – aside from the $40 at the grocery store

-Contribute $155 to 52 weeks of savings – On track!

-Make extra money by selling things online/writing a post – Pass- I sold two items for a total of $30

-10 no spend days – On track!

-Have $4000 total paid by September 18th!! – I honestly have no idea…

On Saturday I was having “one of those” days. I was so angry at everyone and all I wanted to do was go buy things! Because buying things makes everything better!! (Or so I used to think). I was cranky with seeing all of my friends decorating their houses for fall while I wanted to spend as little money as possible so I can make my $4000 paid goal. I opted to go to Wal-Mart and spent $9 on 4 placemats…they’re red so they can take me straight through to Christmas too. I’m going to dig through some old decorations to see if I can find some orange candles. I took the money from my “things I sold” money so now I have $21 left.

As I said before, I’m getting a little run down by working so much at both jobs. After speaking to my manager a few days ago about how I was getting too many shifts, I went into the office on Saturday to discover she had added me on for another shift without even letting me know! If I wouldn’t have looked at this week’s schedule to see who I was working with I would have never known I have to work tonight and I wouldn’t have showed up. This started me on my tangent of crankiness. The manager isn’t back until Thursday so I couldn’t even mention it to her on Saturday. Numerous people have been telling me just to call in sick but to me that means one of my co-workers (whom I actually like) would have to come in on their day off and I really hate putting people out because of me.

I honestly don’t know if I’m on track to make my $4000 paid on Thursday. It all depends on my part time job’s pay. I’ll be shuffling a little money around that day!

Is it October yet?


6 thoughts on “Half-Way Point

  1. Ugh! I’d be so mad if that happened at my PT job. I know the extra $$ is nice, but it should not become your main priority (over your FT job) and it sounds like your manager doesn’t know or doesn’t respect what a PT job really is…

  2. I’d definitely ask your manager to meet with you – that’s just not cool, and it doesn’t help anyone out in the end! Upside, you did find out in time (this time – eep!) and it’s just mo’ money to that lovely $4000! Hang tough, Downstairs and Debt! You can do eeet!

    • Nope it doesn’t help at all! The manager is back on Thursday and there is already a coup d’état in the works by the daytime girls (manager has been with us for 3 months and everything has gone to hell in a hand basket). Yep! Mo’ money please 🙂

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