Frugal FinCon Fiesta!

 I guess I should finally jump on the bandwagon as part of Debt Deb’s Frugal FinCon Fiesta blog hop.So I will be answering any and all questions you lovely readers may have 🙂

Here’s the skinny on the blog hop:


  • Join the FRUGAL FinCon Fiesta which will run Sep 18 – 20 to coincide with FINCON and allow people time to visit other blogs.
  • It’s a blog hop party and the purpose is to entertain questions from your readers.
  • This can be a great way to spawn future blog posts, if the answer is quite complex.
  • You can post some teaser questions and answers about random facts about yourself.
  • Non-blogger readers are encouraged to say ‘hi‘.  (Oh please show us some love! <3)
  • Let’s do some banter in the comments as well, not the usual commenter comments and blogger responds.  Let’s mix it up and comment to other’s comments for some $hits and giggles.
  • It will be super hot if you put a fiesta like picture in the header of your post.
  • We reserve the right to take down any spammy links or otherwise party-poopers who are not participating in the party with the spirit in which it was intended.
  • TWEET #FrugalFinConFiesta and HAVE FUN!


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I have been nominated by Kayla at Shoeaholicnomore for a Versatile Blogger award!! So below are 7 random facts about me followed by my nominations.

1. I have a small obsession with books. And I also organize these books into categories that only I understand but I feel like they should make complete sense to other people. I also have a separate bookcase for books I haven’t read yet. They are also organized into categories.

2. I love anything peach flavored.

3. I feel like strawberries are medicinal no matter what ailment you have. When I was little and I used to fake sick, I would go to my grandparents house and my grampy would always take out strawberries because I loved them. So thanks to psychological conditioning….strawberries can cure all.

4. I get really mad when people move my things in the shower. It throws my whole morning off.

5. I don’t understand people who don’t wear t-shirts under their hoodies. That’s like going commando!

6. I currently play hockey (15th year). But I have also played softball and rugby as well. Sometimes all 3 in one year.

7. If we ever go to a restaurant together, I WILL dance a little in my seat as my food comes to me. It just happens. I can’t control it.

I really can’t think of anyone to nominate who hasn’t been nominated yet so I hope if any new readers stop by you’ll comment and I can get to know you and nominate you for things in the future!


18 thoughts on “Frugal FinCon Fiesta!

  1. Oh my gosh, I agree about the hoodie thing. Weird. My husband totally dressed our preschooler in just a hoodie yesterday and he wonders why I don’t usually let him dress her!

    I’m new to your blog, although I’ve seen you referenced before, so tell me what is the most extreme thing you’ve ever considered doing to pay off debt?

    • Hi Kirsten, thanks for dropping by!
      Uggh yuck! No shirt under a hoodie just feels so wrong.
      I haven’t really done anything that I would consider “extreme” if I hadn’t met my boyfriend I’d still be living in my parents’ basement though so maybe I would have resulted to drastic measures. My biggest sacrifice however has been travel. I have missed out on lots of trips with friends and family to focus on paying down debt. Hopefully backpacking across Europe will still be as exciting when I am able to afford it.

    • Hmm I haven’t had any particularly nasty ones. A mild concussion in my high school days and my tail bone has connected with the boards/ice more times than I could count. More recently I was coasting backwards and my blade hit a rut in the ice…it must have looked like a cartoon because one moment I was skating, then I was staring at my toes in the air, then I was flat on my back. The massage therapist had a fun time sorting that one out.

    • Hmmmm… I’m not sure my categories have names. I just know where any book is at any given time (you mean not everyone keeps Jane Austen-my favourite and tupac on the same shelf?). Murdery-books, hauntey-books, smutty-books, girly-books, books I read for classes… lol

  2. Mhmm, I love me some sweet tea with a peach flavor shot from Starbucks! Not that I buy those often nowadays, of course : ) So where in Europe do you want to backpack? Is that what you want to do after you are debt free?

  3. I just loved this “7. If we ever go to a restaurant together, I WILL dance a little in my seat as my food comes to me. It just happens. I can’t control it.”!!!!

    Thanks for joining in Frugal FinCon Fiesta! I’m super glad all the other blogs show up for you, even if just in a big long list. When I used inlinkz when I was still on I couldn’t get them to show and had to settle on the little frog picture that would take you to another link when you clicked on it. How’d you do that?

    What are you happy with now about your PF situation and what are you not so happy with yet?

    • Thanks for setting this up Debs! I love getting to see new blogs. I just copied and pasted from Kayla’s page and I was a bit sad that it didn’t show up like yours but at least they showed. I’m happy that I’m much more accountable by having this blog and how it allows me to see how other people are handling their finances. I’m not happy that I still haven’t found a good balance between blogging at home and blogging “on the road” at work and from my cellphone. I think I should make it a priority to set aside time in the evenings (when my schedule slows down) to start letting people know I do read their blogs! I’m so anal that I like to read from the beginning, thank God for those people who show archives!

      • I’m a bit like that too, but often times people link back to their content when relevant so if you just jump in and start reading at some point, I’ve learned that you soon catch up as the picture is painted. Thanks a lot for participating Kate! It was my pleasure in setting this up. I’m glad you enjoyed it and keep up the PF accountability! 🙂

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