Tips for Surviving a Home Shopping Party

I know we have all been invited to these at one point or another…the dreaded home shopping party. Early last week I got a Facebook message inviting me to a “Mommy’s Night Out” (apparently having a child is not required). I was so excited as I have the night off from my PT job and I also haven’t seen these girls in forever! Of course these types of parties are usually pot luck and make ladies feel the need to dress to the nines while still looking “casual” (what? no, I woke up with these beachy waves and smoky eyes). I used to love every opportunity I got to attend a home party and now they give me a tight feeling in the pit of my stomach…

I have many friends and family members who work from home and sell products like Shaklee, Avon, Scentsy, Stella & Dot, and Silpada and these are people who I really want to support. They have all supported me at some point in my life and I like having the opportunity to give back to them.  Here are my tips for surviving a home shopping party:

1. Shop Ahead – If the product has an online catalogue, look through it ahead of time and find something in your budget. I like to go to an page I think I might like and then arrange by price lowest to highest and find something at a price point I am comfortable with. There are times I have gone and not bought anything at all, just enjoyed the company.

2. Name Your Dish– Since many of these parties are potluck, it gives you the flexibility to make something on the cheap. Dips are often easy and cheap options!

3. Carpool– If someone lives close to you, try to arrange rides and save on gas!

4. Purchase Before Wine– This one is tricky. If at all possible, try to make your purchases before you get tipsy. There is nothing more dangerous than having too many glasses of wine at a jewelry party and having your credit card or cash in hand.

5. Pay Cash– If allowed, bring cash so you are not tempted to over spend on a credit card.

I’m sure there are many more I haven’t thought of! What are your tips for surviving?


25 thoughts on “Tips for Surviving a Home Shopping Party

  1. I haven’t been to one yet – but I have fallen prey with the online shopping party that a friend hosted. I just bought it for support, but that’s the last $40 makeup I’ll ever spend. lol

  2. I was never that keen before, but now on a budget, even less. Like to see people though. Like your new sidebars :-). So your student loan is not due yet, that’s why it’s $0 and 0%?

  3. If you’re trying to give back to family and friends, host the part yourself. Most of them offer a “cut” to the host/hostess if $X are spent. Now that does start to get a little dicey because I hate the concept of “making money off your friends”, which is why I am very against most MLM programs, but if it’s going to happen anyway…

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  5. Buy an item to save for a gift. I did this with a photo bracelet once. Then I had a thoughtful gift with pictures and I was able to buy something.

  6. I’m a Thirty-One Consultant and I make it very clear at my parties that you should look, and if you like, make a list, and if it’s in your budget, purchase. No one should ever feel obligated to purchase if it’s not a good time for them. The “girl time” is half the reason I do this! While my family relies on the commission I earn from my sales, I want people to be comfortable with their purchases. My Hostesses are rewarded with shopping credit and 1/2 price items, and if a guest really loves a whole bunch and it’s not in her budget, I suggest she host her own get together and earn some of it for free. I find that most of my party attendees appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of our monthly Specials – an opportunity they wouldn’t have had if their friend hadn’t hosted the party!

  7. If you are going to a home shopping party you SHOULD NOT be expected to bring a dish! It’s like going to a potluck wedding!

  8. What if you get invited to these parties ALL the time, both at home AND online, on a weekly basis? I’m going broke, I can’t keep up! And most of the time, I can’t even stand the stuff…

    • Don’t feel guilty! In my experience most of your friends hosting these parties only agreed to host because they too felt guilty! And they really truly don’t care if you buy anything, they probably only agreed to help a friend or get a pushy consultant off their back! Online party tip, reply like this “Thanks for the invite! I don’t need anything at this time but I’ll be glad to share your party post on my page and see if any of my friends may want something!” Still helping your friend and no purchase necessary 😉

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