Overtime Opportunity

The opportunity has come up at my FT job to work overtime. Currently it is being offered at time and a half with a maximum of 6-8hrs per week per person. I’m pretty excited because this will give me the chance to make some extra money in the Christmas season (and after that too…).

The Dilemma

I currently work 2 shifts a week at PT job. I also have minimum 2 ice times a week. I still want to have time to actually see my boyfriend. As we get closer to Christmas I will be working more at PT job and my boss at FT job has already said overtime will not be available for the week before, of, and after Christmas so that no one feels required to be working more when they should be with family/friends etc. I was considering dropping PT job and working the 8 hours of overtime at FT job only however the overtime availability is only for a year.

The Game Plan

BF and I are going to have a little chat tonight about the overtime. I know I’ll be working at least some but I want to know where he stands and how he feels about it since I’m already not home very much until late. I’ve already decided since it’s hockey season to have a monthly calendar on the fridge with my PT job shifts, hockey ice times, and what I plan on working for overtime so he can see what my schedule will look like for the month. I’m excited to see that weekends will also be available for overtime so I could work a few Saturday/Sunday mornings and still have the afternoons and evening to spend with him.

I’m planning on using overtime money for Christmas shopping for the time being, since my 52 weeks of savings has gone away. When Christmas is over I plan on sharing the money between savings/emergency fund.

Next week is the first week for over time so I’ll keep you all updated with how it goes! Any suggestions on how to make sure I still have down time/ time with friends & family?


Our Home and Native Land…


Less than 24 hours ago a gunman attacked our parliament building and fatally shot a soldier who was standing guard at a war memorial. We all sat in the lunchroom and stared in awe at the TV. I think we get so used to hearing things like this happening in a country other than our own. In recent months we have had a shooter a little over an hour from home (in the city with the only “good” mall in my province). We’ve also had another attack on the Canadian Armed Forces by someone who struck two soldiers with his car.

When I heard of all these occurrences I thought to myself “why would someone attack Canadian soldiers? I don’t understand why peace keepers are being targeted”. It’s very easy to get swept into jokes and the mentality such as the Canadian forces sit around and pelt intruders with stale Timbits as a form of defence, but in reality Canada maintains a strong military presence even if it is not as large as other countries.

I am fortunate to live in a country with the freedom of choice and speech and am proud of how each of these occurrences was handled by officials. I am fortunate to have the ability to not agree with the way my country is being run if I so choose, that is my right. I could stand on the lawn of parliament and yell “Stephen Harper, you are a giant boob!” and live to tell the tale.

My thoughts and prayers currently go out to the friends and family of our fallen soldiers and hope that soon our military can pull out of war zones and enjoy a beer and the game together.

Debt Update October

Woohoo! It’s the 18th of the month again! I’m not really sure how my updates came to always be on the 18th but now it’s a thing so I’m sticking with it. Sadly my debt went up $4.94 this month, however I did have a $1300 car repair bill and I made some extra contributions into savings. I’m happy that my Visa was able to stay in the 3000’s and total is still in the 12,000’s. That line of credit is looking like it needs a little extra love to bring it down a level as well!

Debt as of October 18, 2014

Visa- $3,867.28

Student Line of Credit- $9,068.87

Total- $12,936.15

Check out my side bar because I’ll be updating that baby today too! Separate categories for debt and savings? YES PLEASE! Also coming this month…the beginnings of an emergency fund! I haven’t decided how much to contribute each week yet but I’ll be hammering out the details for November :).

Moving Forward

This morning started out not so great for me. I had a doctor’s appointment before work which is about a 45minute drive away from where I currently live. The town I grew up in is great, small and extremely friendly. The only crappy thing about coming from a small town is that everyone either knows or wants to know your business. In the 10 minutes I was there I was asked if my last name is still the same (since my address is no longer the same as my parents I MUST be married…), when my “big day” will be (no I’m still not engaged), and also when I’ll be having children (well, since I was there for birth control – probably not soon!). I also learned that I weigh 15lbs more that I though I did, so there was that!

Today is also the day my FT job went live on a new computer system so there were few hiccups and some growing pains.

I having been trying to figure out how I can shake things up a little bit financially. I have been a little bit of a Debbie downer since my car repair, and this morning sucked, so I wanted a little bit of a change for the better. Well I’m happy to say you’ll see a few more progress bars on my side bar coming up in the next few days! I can’t wait. Since my 52 weeks of savings went down the drain, I’ll now have a few more little projects to focus on.

Don’t forget to check in on Saturday for my debt check in :).

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend filled with family and lots of yummy food up here in the Great White North! Today I had my first ice time of the year and turkey dinner with my family.  Tomorrow is prime rib with BF’s family.  Can’t wait to relax tomorrow and get caught back up with what I missed last week! Keeping with the theme of the holiday,  here are a few things I’m thankful for:

1. Having a roof over my head and food in my belly each day.  I’m fortunate enough to live in an awesome country where I am free to speak my mind as well as have all the clean drinking water I want. I have a job that allows me to pay the bills and a pretty sweet government system (peacekeeping not policing,  all that cool stuff).

2. My wonderful coworkers,  friends, and family. This includes the pretty cute guy who brings my coffee to me in bed every weekend.

3. Hockey moms everywhere who, year after year,  schedule turkey dinner around holiday ice times.

4. The great PF blogging community and those readers who take the time to say hi!

5.  Books. Enough said.

Quick Update

I won’t be posting this week as there are major changes going on at FT job that fry my brain and I also have been working a lot at PT job. Tonight I’m working late at FT job then heading out with the company for some Thai food after, yum! Free Thai tastes even better than regular Thai!

I’d also like to wish my big sister and her hubby a happy 3rd anniversary as well as good luck at the doctor today when they find out if they’ll be giving me a new little niece or nephew in February 2015! Gender reveal cupcakes tonight 🙂

The Verdict

….the verdict is in. It looks like I will be at my part time job a while longer as my shop just texted me and told me the car repair bill will be $1346.03. That’s a big number. I was looking forward to rolling over my 52 Weeks of Savings onto my Visa in a few weeks to be able to bring the balance down under the 2 grand mark. I’m pretty sad to say that I’m going to use it to pay my car repair bill. I’m both happy and sad. Happy that the funds are there for me to use and sad that I’m not using them for the purpose I had originally planned. This just makes me see how important having an emergency fund is (which was going to be started from some of the funds from my 52 Weeks of Savings).

I’m really sad that I won’t have any exciting progress this month, but really happy that I have great PF blog friends who understand.