October Schmoctober…

I think I must be really susceptible to changes in the weather because I just can’t seem to shake this mopey feeling lately (pathetic fallacy, anyone?). I haven’t had the desire to watch my finances as closely although I have been attempting to keep posting and I promise I am reading your new posts!

Yesterday I took Jerry into Speedy Glass as he had gotten a stone chip the day before, I had my windshield replaced back in November so this service would have been free, which it was. What wasn’t free was the new wipers that the man insisted I get after coming out and talking condescendingly to me about the state of my wipers. Sure buddy, slap some new ones on there, whatever. I also have an appointment for Jerry to go to the shop tomorrow for a check up and here’s hoping we make it out under $500. October was supposed to be a super awesome 3 pay month, and now I’m less than excited about it.

Here’s hoping that getting back on the ice will help in the next few weeks! Exercise always seems to improve my mood.

How do you guys stay motivated about staying on top of your finances? I’m still very committed to paying off debt but the pizzazz just isn’t there :(.


4 thoughts on “October Schmoctober…

  1. Cheer up buttercup! Other than working out – walking around the neighborhood or a park also helps me. Especially how pretty it is this time of the year (yes, we have some color changes in southern California… or maybe I just imagine them). Also, I started listening to Christmas tunes at work – actually, I listen to them all year round.

    Yay for 3 paydays in October!

  2. Sometimes I just take a step away from it all other than making sure that my payments are made. The psychological part can be the most frustrating because you know what you have to do but you just wish you could accelerate the process along. I’m a big “numbers” person, so sometimes to motivate me I like to look at how things would look like AFTER my goals are met which is usually a happier thing to look at, haha.

    For me, going to the gym is a big stress reliever as well!

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