The Verdict

….the verdict is in. It looks like I will be at my part time job a while longer as my shop just texted me and told me the car repair bill will be $1346.03. That’s a big number. I was looking forward to rolling over my 52 Weeks of Savings onto my Visa in a few weeks to be able to bring the balance down under the 2 grand mark. I’m pretty sad to say that I’m going to use it to pay my car repair bill. I’m both happy and sad. Happy that the funds are there for me to use and sad that I’m not using them for the purpose I had originally planned. This just makes me see how important having an emergency fund is (which was going to be started from some of the funds from my 52 Weeks of Savings).

I’m really sad that I won’t have any exciting progress this month, but really happy that I have great PF blog friends who understand.


12 thoughts on “The Verdict

    • Exactly, I’m happy that I have almost $1200 sitting in there that I can roll over to cover the majority of the cost. I keep telling myself I’m lucky that I have saved that money instead of needing to borrow from overdraft and my visa like I had to last time.

  1. Yay for the emergency fund! Sometimes I think thinking ahead on what you are going to do with the excess money you think you will have is part of the problem Because we get excited at the prospect and it motivates us, but then we are sad when something unexpected comes up and our big plans are curtailed. It’s almost like we need to wait until our bank is overflowing beyond that magic threshold before we apply it to our debt.

    • You can say that again Debs! I am very grateful that the money was there. Also I’m still poor enough (lol) that I get GST so that was another $97 income I wasn’t expected that I automatically transferred over to cover a bit of the cost as well.

  2. That’s great that the 52WofS is there to help you with the car expense.

    My vehicle is my biggest expense as well. Can’t wait until I pay the loan off!

  3. Ouch, I’m really sorry to hear that – car repairs are never a fun thing and especially one that is over $1,000. I’m glad that you have the emergency money to cover the repairs and just remember it is only a temporary setback.

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