Moving Forward

This morning started out not so great for me. I had a doctor’s appointment before work which is about a 45minute drive away from where I currently live. The town I grew up in is great, small and extremely friendly. The only crappy thing about coming from a small town is that everyone either knows or wants to know your business. In the 10 minutes I was there I was asked if my last name is still the same (since my address is no longer the same as my parents I MUST be married…), when my “big day” will be (no I’m still not engaged), and also when I’ll be having children (well, since I was there for birth control – probably not soon!). I also learned that I weigh 15lbs more that I though I did, so there was that!

Today is also the day my FT job went live on a new computer system so there were few hiccups and some growing pains.

I having been trying to figure out how I can shake things up a little bit financially. I have been a little bit of a Debbie downer since my car repair, and this morning sucked, so I wanted a little bit of a change for the better. Well I’m happy to say you’ll see a few more progress bars on my side bar coming up in the next few days! I can’t wait. Since my 52 weeks of savings went down the drain, I’ll now have a few more little projects to focus on.

Don’t forget to check in on Saturday for my debt check in :).


10 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. I totally know where you are coming from when you talk about living in a small town. I grew up (and still live in) a town of less than 1,900 people! It can at times be very intrusive the way everyone knows everything. For a few years I ran away to “the big city” to get away from it all.

    Good luck on your up coming financial goals!

  2. lol thats what I feel when I go to my dentist we’ve been going to them since I dont even remember. Plus now that the holidays are coming up I am sure the same questions will be bought up too.

    Your progress bars look great… I cant wait for the debt check in =) have a good rest of your week!

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