Debt Update October

Woohoo! It’s the 18th of the month again! I’m not really sure how my updates came to always be on the 18th but now it’s a thing so I’m sticking with it. Sadly my debt went up $4.94 this month, however I did have a $1300 car repair bill and I made some extra contributions into savings. I’m happy that my Visa was able to stay in the 3000’s and total is still in the 12,000’s. That line of credit is looking like it needs a little extra love to bring it down a level as well!

Debt as of October 18, 2014

Visa- $3,867.28

Student Line of Credit- $9,068.87

Total- $12,936.15

Check out my side bar because I’ll be updating that baby today too! Separate categories for debt and savings? YES PLEASE! Also coming this month…the beginnings of an emergency fund! I haven’t decided how much to contribute each week yet but I’ll be hammering out the details for November :).


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