Our Home and Native Land…


Less than 24 hours ago a gunman attacked our parliament building and fatally shot a soldier who was standing guard at a war memorial. We all sat in the lunchroom and stared in awe at the TV. I think we get so used to hearing things like this happening in a country other than our own. In recent months we have had a shooter a little over an hour from home (in the city with the only “good” mall in my province). We’ve also had another attack on the Canadian Armed Forces by someone who struck two soldiers with his car.

When I heard of all these occurrences I thought to myself “why would someone attack Canadian soldiers? I don’t understand why peace keepers are being targeted”. It’s very easy to get swept into jokes and the mentality such as the Canadian forces sit around and pelt intruders with stale Timbits as a form of defence, but in reality Canada maintains a strong military presence even if it is not as large as other countries.

I am fortunate to live in a country with the freedom of choice and speech and am proud of how each of these occurrences was handled by officials. I am fortunate to have the ability to not agree with the way my country is being run if I so choose, that is my right. I could stand on the lawn of parliament and yell “Stephen Harper, you are a giant boob!” and live to tell the tale.

My thoughts and prayers currently go out to the friends and family of our fallen soldiers and hope that soon our military can pull out of war zones and enjoy a beer and the game together.


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