Popping In!

Today was the first pay of which I had extra money for maxing out my overtime hours. A lot of coworkers are complaining that we’re being taxed like crazy on the extra money (which really is true…) however this pay I was able to put an extra $50 toward my line of credit, $50 on my car loan, and $100 into my savings account along with payments onto my Visa. It was a great feeling and worth it to me :). I’m on track to max my hours for next pay as well.



As you all know, something I’ve been struggling with for a while has been how long to keep my part-time job. I think I’ve finally reached a decision. At the end of May/beginning of June it will be my 5 year anniversary at that job. As of right now, that is when I plan on leaving. I haven’t told work yet as obviously my financial situation could change in the time to come.

I can begin to describe how excited I am to be able to go straight home every day (almost) after work in the summer, or be able to make weekend plans without asking someone to trade shifts with me. I can’t wait! I chose this time because it gives me 6 months to really push myself to get a large chunk of debt paid down and feed my “wedding fund” as that is what I use that job for.

I’m already motivated by my 6 month goal. I feel like giving myself a timeline that is in the foreseeable future is a bit of a relief. It gives me something to strive for and I know there is an end point in sight.

There are still details that BF and I need to hammer our regarding budgets but I am so very excited for this change! I have been working 12-13-14 hour days for as long as I can remember. Longer than 5 years if you include when I worked and went to university!

Please feel free to share your favorite frugal tips with me 🙂

Debt Update November

Here we go again folks! After a crazy month of buying Christmas presents and getting winter tires put on etc.. I’m not as far ahead this month as I had hoped but check it out… I’m in the 8’s for my LOC! I love to see those first numbers changing! Obviously I made a little extra payment when I noticed I was only $8 away, it was so close!

Debt as of November 18, 2014

Visa- $3,990.11

Student Line of Credit- $8999.99

Total- $12,990.10

My overall debt total has gone up this month which I’m really not happy about. I made contributions toward both my savings accounts so I’m kicking myself now knowing I could have applied it to my debt. I also made a particularly pricey Costco trip this month as we seemed to run out of everything at the same time.

Moving forward I’m excited to say that I’ve already maxed out my overtime hours for next week’s pay and am on track to do the same for the following pay as well! Hopefully some good pay’s and even a little bonus if I happen to get one will get me right back where I’d like to be. I’m hoping to really start the new year with a lot of motivation to attack my debt.

Another Raise!

Just a quick note before my monthly debt update…I got another raise! Not very much after taxes but every little bit helps! I’ve also got my first check with over time pay and I plan on maxing out the allowed over time each pay (16hrs) before Christmas if possible.

Christmas shopping is in full swing and I’m having a bit of trouble staying on budget but I think I’m doing alright, we’ll find out on the 18th! I’m trying to support local this year as well as take advantage of some online bargains.

One of my goals for the new year will be to read Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s “Money Rules” and blog about how I found each chapter. Is that something people would be interested in? I’m having a bit of writers block combined with busyness! It could be like a weekly post series. I’d love some feedback 🙂

Two Days In

Today is my second day of arriving at work an hour early to work overtime. Last night I had to work at PT job so I was working from 7:30am-9:30pm. I’ve discovered I’m not a fan of those days. What I was a fan of was getting up and getting ready at the same time as BF, usually he is long gone before I even roll out of bed. It was nice to talk a little in the morning which shocked me because he is a morning person an I…am not. Today went a little better than yesterday, It’s 10 after 6 and I’m sitting on my couch after having already eaten, a load of laundry is in the wash, the dish washer is running, and Mike Holmes is on TV looking for signs of mold. I can’t wait to snuggle up in bed after all of the laundry is done.

Already I’ve noticed how overtime has changed my eating/spending habits. It’s so easy to rush out of the house in the morning and grab a coffee and bagel at Tim’s when I get to work. This is a habit I’m trying to nip in the bud before it gets too crazy.

This weekend BF and I were supposed to head down to the States for some Christmas shopping but instead we’re both having our winter tires put on and spending the weekend together. I have lots of hockey and we both took Monday off to give us an extra long week. I may do some online shopping just to get a few people bought for and out of the way!

I miss you all so much! I can’t wait to get caught up this weekend with you all! Come oonnn Friday.

How’s your week going so far?