2014 Goals in Review

Well 2014 is just hours away from being over so lets take a peek at how I managed to do on my 2014 goals! I’m still hammering out some new goals for 2015 and will post those soon!

Pay off student loan    DONE!

-Have total $4000 Paid by September 18th update. (1 Year!)   WOOHOO! DONE!

-Pay off Visa! (I can do ittttt!)      FAIL! I Still have a little over $4000 to go

-Read 1 Gail Vaz Oxlade book      FAIL! This will be a mail focus for 2015

-Continue my book challenge  PASS! AND FAIL! I have continued to read books from my list through the year however I read a lot of books that weren’t on the list.

-Complete the 52 weeks of savings and end with $1400 (Nov 2014 end)   FAIL! My car needed repairs and I used that money.

-Build a $1000 emergency fund   FAIL! Still sitting at a big fat goose egg


I only managed to pay off one loan this year but I did make it out of the basement! Hopefully I can crack down on my Visa in 2015 and get that baby paid off! I’m excited to read my first Gail Vaz Oxlade book as well 🙂

What are your goals for 2015?


Debt Update December 2014

Here we are again! The last debt update for the year. I’m hoping last year I’ll be in a far better place financially but you never know what can happen especially with my plans to leave my part time job. Soon my 40cents off a litre gas card will be used up too so I’ll have to go back to paying full price for gas. I’m interested to see how cash budgeting will change my spending habits especially at the grocery store. Without further ado:

Debt as of December 18, 2014

Visa- $4,504.53

Student Line of Credit- $8,831.12

Total- $13,335.56 😦

Up almost $350 from last month. Womp womp. Obviously the majority of that is Christmas presents and Christmas groceries. Along with some extras I paid for because of my birthday “party” when my family came over to my house. I had a very hard time stopping buying for my nephew!

I’m very excited to see what the new year brings! I can’t wait for that debt total to be down to four digits and to get my Visa under control. I’m not super happy with my progress over the past year, especially in November-December but hopefully that will motivate me to get back on track for the new year.

Cash Budgeting

Something I’ve been considering for a while has been budgeting for gas/groceries/”other” with cash.  Currently each pay day I transfer my budget for groceries and gas onto my Visa and use it for my purchases. The flaw in this system is that I still use my Visa on a weekly basis,  a habit I’d really try to break.

Beginning in January I’m going to withdraw in cash my budgets on pay day for these categories and track it for a few pays to see how effective this is for stopping my Visa usage.  I’m also very excited to start reading Money Rules in January and writing about each chapter.  Hopefully I don’t bore anyone too much!

Check back on the 18th for my debt check in :).

25 and Still Alive

Today was my 25th birthday. I had a wonderful day of being pampered with a manicure, pedicure,  and massage. Later my family came over for pizza and presents :).  Aside from being down and out for an hour from a dehydration headache I had a wonderful day!

I’ve also finished all but one gift card of my Christmas shopping!  I’ve been battling lots of exhaustion and dehydration lately but luckily my wonderful sister is a Shaklee rep and I should get some new vitamins & supplements and be back on the mend soon.

Christmas was sadly more expensive than I expected but with my Christmas bonus yesterday I think I’m still in a good repayment position.  Let me know what you think on the 18th for my debt update!