Debt Update December 2014

Here we are again! The last debt update for the year. I’m hoping last year I’ll be in a far better place financially but you never know what can happen especially with my plans to leave my part time job. Soon my 40cents off a litre gas card will be used up too so I’ll have to go back to paying full price for gas. I’m interested to see how cash budgeting will change my spending habits especially at the grocery store. Without further ado:

Debt as of December 18, 2014

Visa- $4,504.53

Student Line of Credit- $8,831.12

Total- $13,335.56 😦

Up almost $350 from last month. Womp womp. Obviously the majority of that is Christmas presents and Christmas groceries. Along with some extras I paid for because of my birthday “party” when my family came over to my house. I had a very hard time stopping buying for my nephew!

I’m very excited to see what the new year brings! I can’t wait for that debt total to be down to four digits and to get my Visa under control. I’m not super happy with my progress over the past year, especially in November-December but hopefully that will motivate me to get back on track for the new year.


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