2014 Goals in Review

Well 2014 is just hours away from being over so lets take a peek at how I managed to do on my 2014 goals! I’m still hammering out some new goals for 2015 and will post those soon!

Pay off student loan    DONE!

-Have total $4000 Paid by September 18th update. (1 Year!)   WOOHOO! DONE!

-Pay off Visa! (I can do ittttt!)      FAIL! I Still have a little over $4000 to go

-Read 1 Gail Vaz Oxlade book      FAIL! This will be a mail focus for 2015

-Continue my book challenge  PASS! AND FAIL! I have continued to read books from my list through the year however I read a lot of books that weren’t on the list.

-Complete the 52 weeks of savings and end with $1400 (Nov 2014 end)   FAIL! My car needed repairs and I used that money.

-Build a $1000 emergency fund   FAIL! Still sitting at a big fat goose egg


I only managed to pay off one loan this year but I did make it out of the basement! Hopefully I can crack down on my Visa in 2015 and get that baby paid off! I’m excited to read my first Gail Vaz Oxlade book as well 🙂

What are your goals for 2015?


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