Goals for 2015

It wouldn’t be a new start to a new year without an updated goals post! As you can see I didn’t do so hot in 2014 in the goal department. So here are a few goals I’ll be working towards for 2015:

1. Read Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s Money Rules
and blog about each chapter and how I could apply that to my debt repayment journey.

2. Pay off Visa- I’m going to put all overtime pay I make at FT job toward my Visa. I didn’t work any overtime during the 2 weeks over Christmas so I now know what my base pay is after my raise.

3. Read 20 books from my Book Challenge list. My biggest hindrance here is buying new books or borrowing books and reading ones not on the list!

4. Build a $1000 emergency fund

5. Build a $2000 savings account

6. Continue toward my $5000 wedding fund

7. Be a better blogger and blog friend. I would like to go back to posting more often (even just short posts with updates) and comment more on blogs I follow. I feel off this band wagon when I started getting extremely busy at FT job. If this means having to blog more at home and carving out 20 minutes each day to check out different blogs… so be it!

8. Quit PT job and be in a comfortable position for the pay cut.

Stay tuned for my first “Money Rules” by Gail post! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Goals for 2015

  1. DID,

    Nice goals! If you force yourself first to hit the big rock goals, then you’ll knock these out no problem. What’s your most challenging goal, would you say? If it’s debt – then smack it all there early and often, if you can. Excited to see how you perform this year! Talk soon!


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