“Money Rules” Post #1


This is my second time writing this post as my laptop decided to kick me off right as I was nearing the end and didn’t save my work…wonderful…
As promised I’ll be reading Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s “Money Rules” and blogging about it probably once a week. I borrowed this book from my mother months ago and kept shuffling it around from room to room telling myself “yeah I’ll get around to reading that some day”. It just looked so big and ominous that I was nervous to read it and feel like the content was over my head. I was pleasantly surprised! I’m only 15 pages in and I already love the book. Her voice as a writer is AMAZING and funny. She’s so easy to understand and also notes that the book is really written for women, which is nice…because I am one. I also love how pro-internet research and continued learning she is.

I’ve said it before that I really think there should be a mandatory course in high schools called “How to Handle Money n’ Shit” because there are skills I never learned before being thrown right in. If you’re a high school Math teacher (hello!) please do your students a favor and work budgets, mortgages, credit cards and other day to day financial topics into your course work!

The first thing I noticed when I opened the cover was that the book is broken down into “rules” and not chapters, 261 of them to be exact. Not to exert myself, I went with the first 5 today. They’re generally 1-2 pages and are a really quick read. My momsy already turned down the pages of ones she thought would be relevant, what a doll.

Here are the first 5 “Rules”. Again just for copy write purposes…Gail wrote these, not me! 🙂

#1. “Renting is Not a Waste of Money” – This was pretty cool. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the opposite, but if your lifestyle doesn’t jive with home ownership and you don’t want the hassle of home maintenance then renting could really be a great way to go. For me I like the idea of having “a place to call my own” if I want to paint the walls lime green than I can. Currently I live with my BF in his house. I’m constantly changing things to make it feel more like “my home”.

#2. “Don’t Marry a Money Moron” – I don’t think this needs an explanation. She does say that she’ll let you know what to do and if you’re already married to him though later in the book!

#3. “You Must Have a Will” – I don’t have one of these. I did write a fake will as a school assignment in grade 4 when we were reading Tuck Everlasting. I was very selective of who I gave my toys to.
#4. “You Must Have a POA” – Again, I don’t have one of these but I do see everyday at my job in the insurance industry how important it is to have someone who can speak/sign for you when it comes to your financial choices! 

#5. “Figure Out What is Really Important to You”- Some people it could be becoming debt free (like me!) some people could want to buy a house or travel. Its different for everyone but just as important to figure out.

I’m sure another post will be coming soon, but until then I have The Good Wife to binge watch. Stay tuned for more “Money Rules”!


6 thoughts on ““Money Rules” Post #1

  1. I already approve of anyone who feels that renting is an OK way to go. Part of me would love to have a house…but I also see a lot of benefits in not doing that (and one of them is not having all my limited $$ tied up in a really illiquid property.)

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