Brrr Cold!

Aahhh the joys of home ownership…well..not that I personally own the house but you know what I mean. One day last week it was pretty cold, I’m talking -24 Celsius with a windchill of -38 (-11/-36 for you Fahrenheit folks). I was sitting at my desk working a little overtime before heading home when I get a text from my lovely BF, “we have no heaters”. What do you mean we have no heaters? It’s freezing outside and we have no heat? Can we even sleep at home?? We had power but no baseboard heaters.

So after a while of frigging around the electrical panel (which was emitting a strange melty burny smell) BF finally shut the power to the entire house off and back on again which seemed to solve the problem. We called the local power company who came out about an hour later and said everything looked OK on the outside but our meter was spinning like crazy to make up for the power having been off. Since there was still that lovely smell, BF called an electrician just to make sure the house wouldn’t burn to the ground as we slept.

The next day the electrician came over and the verdict was in. We need a whole new panel. They’re currently pricing out or options (we asked for a price for a larger panel also since we plan to do a few more small renos over the years). I’m just hoping we can get through it for about $1000. I offered to pay for some of the panel or for the crazy power bill when it comes in but BF declined. I still feel like I’ll try to sneak a few other bills though.

OH BOY! Never a dull moment.


4 thoughts on “Brrr Cold!

  1. Aren’t the sneaky costs of home ownership amazing/infuriating? Especially the things that have to be done, but don’t actually add value to your home. I’m thinking about getting our septic tank pumped every few years, for $300. All we get from that is the system not over-flowing! Not that I would want that to happen…

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